The Mobius team have grown from 2 to 7 in the last two months. They are focusing on funding, sponsorships and partnerships. They didn’t enter the league with a plane, but are working toward the acquisition of a proven F1 winner. They are in full-throttle R&D, developing a new, energy-dense battery technology, prototyping a custom, ultra -light motor, and currently producing the first 3D printed full-size prop specifically designed to exploit the advantages of their new motor platform.  


Eight teams have been announced to contest the world’s first electric air race, Air Race E, in the fall of 2020.The teams will make history when they line up on the grid in their custom modified electric race planes, to fly wing-tip-to-wing-tip in what will be a significant milestone for the aviation industry.  


The eight teams that will compete in the world’s first electric air race have been revealed, including three teams from the U.S., as well as teams from the UK, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.  


The world’s first electric racing aircraft was revealed at the Dubai Airshow earlier this week. It’s called White Lightning and was built by the UK’s Condor Aviation with electric propulsion from another UK company, ContraElectric.  


The möbius strip is the perfect symbol of limitless human ingenuity, according to Team Möbius. This team of aviation innovators, engineers and enthusiasts is excited to bring its expertise and ingenuity on electric-propulsion technology to Air Race E—in their words, a technology-advancing competition.     


Eight international teams are set to take part in next year’s Air Race E competition, the world’s first electric air race.  


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