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Möbius Aero is America's Team in the race for the future of electric aviation. Based out of Texas, USA, we are a Founding and Official team of electric Formula 1 league, Air Race E. 


We are "... moving humanity forward" through our tireless efforts to develop innovations that will create a cleaner, safer, more sustainable, future. We expect to make the motion, propulsion, and power storage systems we are pioneering available for commercial use in the near future.


It is certainly an exciting race to be competing in, but for us, the real excitement and true victory will be in delivering that hopeful future we have been dreaming of since we were children. That is the finish line we intend to cross.


 – Carl Copeland, Founder 

Our League

Air Race E is a revolutionary form of Air Racing as we know it with the first ever all-electric airplane race. The future of aviation is in green energy and Air Race E are setting the marker for future developments in electric aviation with a world first airplane race never seen before. 8 planes race wingtip-to-wingtip in pure exhilarating action around an oval circuit. The spectacular, quick, action-packed race will see speeds of 400 km/h (250 mph) around a tight circuit just 1.5km end-to-end. The first race will go ahead in 2021.

Air Race E is also the only organization in the world that has already brought together all the necessary ingredients for an international electric air race, all under one umbrella. We have the prototype airplane, a dedicated test center where the race planes are being engineered, and the qualified test pilots and certified race pilots raring to go.

Britney Abshire

Victor Yang

Our Team

Carl Copeland

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Founder & President

Meet Our Team

Philip Goforth

  • YTgrey

Chief Pilot


Melissa Junkans

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Executive Vice President


Rick Purcella

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VP Business Development


Jon Latall

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Aero Engineer


Christopher Williams

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Chief Technologist


Kavon Bijan

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Lead Electrical Engineer


Marisa Vickers

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VP Media Relations


Sydney Wright

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Senior Brand Manager

Kelly Goforth

Events Director


Richard Ellis

Senior System Engineer


Tommy Watson

Systems Software Engineer


James Ramsey

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Mechanical Design Engineer


Spencer Morgan

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Team Pilot


Thomas Arnett

System Technician

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